Pixo Parts

The Nissan Pixo is a 1.0-litre petrol powered city car released by Nissan in 2009.  The car is based on the Suzuki Alto, and is a 5-door, 4-seater.

Replacement parts for your Nissan Pixo will be available through the parts department at your local Nissan main dealer.  These should be genuine manufacturer parts, which may be and important factor in keeping your warranty valid if the car is still within its warranty period. Most Nissan main dealers have a dedicated parts department on site, manned by Nissan-trained staff, who should be able to help and advise you in your search for the right replacement part.  You can search for the location of your local Nissan main dealer using the search facility on Nissan’s official UK website.   This will provide you with full details of the location of your nearest Nissan dealership, as well as details on the services provided.  The parts department at your local Nissan dealership will also offer accessories for the Nissan range.

It may also be possible to purchase replacement parts and accessories for your Nissan Pixo by using one of the range of independent motor factors.  Many of these independent companies operate online, and a web search should highlight the availability of Nissan Pixo parts, both new and used. However, when buying parts for your Nissan Pixo from sources other than from Nissan’s dealership network, it is important to find out if they are genuine or non-genuine manufacturer parts, and whether the part you are purchasing comes with any kind of warranty.