Faster Nissan Models - The 350Z

Nissan’s 350Z Coupe is an enjoyable and accomplished Japanese built sports car. The 350Z has caused quite a stir from a company often associated with superminis and chunky 4x4s. The convertible Roadster boasts stunning good looks, speed, and a decent driving experience.

The drop-top takes the 350Z Coupe to a whole new level of desirability. The Roadster hints at a fun side of the company and while the performance attributes of the 350Z are impressive, it's the car’s affordability that really catches buyers’ attention.

The car is well equipped far beyond that of its rivals, the 350Z’s engine produces 280bhp. That is more than sufficent power to satisfy even the most enthusiastic driver, and is way more than the competition offers.

Nissan’s affordable and highly capable sports car can even beat the likes of Porsche, and does it all below the price of rivals. The Japanese firm can deliver excellent sports car capabilities that can beat the biggest of names at a fraction of the price, and in a unique and stylish exterior. It doesn’t get much better than that.

The car's handling is good and the V6 engine sounds good and works well even in city driving. The car’s top-down driving is wonderful yet tame around town despite its horsepower potential.


The 350Z is very cost effective. The car boasts a low asking price and decent resale value, but you will pay more for the 305Z’s insurance premiums and fuel expenditures.

The 350Z is truly a compact car. With the hood down, headroom is great, but with the top up the cabin shrinks drastically. Convertibles need a bit more security and the car’s centre console has a locking cubby. There is a locking compartment behind the passenger’s seat, and the glove compartment also locks. The boot is small, due to the convertible nature of the car.

The 350Z utilizes a rotating gauge console to provide a clear view of your instruments even while the wheel is turned. The fascia isn’t cluttered and all controls are functional and easy to operate.

The 350Z sits low, so you will have to stoop to reach the seat. Once in the car however, the seats are supportive, but the electric leather seats will improve both support and comfortability.

Getting into the 350Z with the hood up will be a bit tricky, and taller occupants will have to reach for the seat.  Getting to the boot isn’t hard, and the lid opens wide to allow for unrestricted access.

Steering is a bit on the heavy side, as it seems to be geared towards high-speed driving, but this will not be a problem. A more notable problem is rearward visibility. With the hood up it is very difficult to judge distances, especially since the rear of the 350Z is far wider than it seems.

Life Style

The Nissan 350Z was designed for fun. Convertibles always create more of a free feeling while driving with the top down. The extra weight of the roof mechanism and the extra bracing has softened the 350Z’s ride. The little Roadster is an all-round impressive car, and delivers a great ride.

This is definitely not a family car. It is much too small to accommodate a family or groceries for that matter. It would make a really fun second car or commuter car.

Given the car’s speed and high asking price it is an unlikely first car. Insurance rates would be high and only experienced drivers should even attempt to drive the 350Z.

The 350 Z reflects very favorably upon the Nissan company. The car is a beautiful head turner and provides a good deal of power. The popularity of the car will surely lead the way to an exciting line for Nissan.

Security and Safety

The 350Z is an extremely desirable vehicle and may attract unwanted attention, not to mention that convertibles present a higher security risk anyway. The car comes equipped with remote central locking and an engine immobiliser. The car also comes with a custom fitted stereo unit to discourage stereo theft.

The car’s standard safety features include ABS, ESP, twin front and side airbags. The car’s roll bars offer additional protection when the top is down.

The Finishing Touches

The car’s standard stereo unit includes a radio, cassette and CD player with a six-CD in-dash changer. The system includes four-speakers but can be upgraded to one with seven speakers and a more powerful amplifier. The system produces very good sound quality and the basic controls are duplicated on the car's steering wheel for the driver’s convenience.

There are many nice colors to choose from. The car looks best in Nissan’s burnt orange color. Dark silver or blue are also very flattering on the car. The car's cabin is on the dark side, but an optional dark orange leather upholstery is oiffered and brightens things up a bit, black is also a good choice.


The car’s classic front engine and rear-wheel drive layout affords the driver one of the best driving experiences being offered. Not to mention performance aside the car is extremely attractive and a great deal of fun.